Mission Statement

We are devastated. The recent election clearly spoke against our basic human rights as queers, feminists, people of color, religious minorities, and other marginalized citizens.

Letters to the Revolution is an intersectional online platform featuring letters from leading artists and activists from communities targeted by the upcoming administration. Our aim is to provide inspiration and direction to those who, like us, are vacillating between rage and pain, and are seeking ways to take positive action.

Focusing on messages of survival, strength, solidarity, and hope, these letters will be messages in a bottle to those wondering how to survive and fight in the revolution for equality in the coming months and years.

We will be dispatching letters throughout through the month of January 2017, to kickstart the revolution that will be necessary to retain our basic human rights in the next four years. 


Each letter on this platform soley reflects the opinions of it's author, and not of any other authors featured on the 'Letters to the Revolution' platform.

Who we are

Letters to the Revolution is a collection of volunteer artists, activists, and educators who have come together towards this common goal of building an intersectional brain-trust with letters of wisdom that will guide us in the days to come.

Sabrina Chap – Founder/Executive Curator
Luke Doyle – Social Media/Curator
Lilly O’Donnell – Lead Copy Editor
Stephen Crowe - Website Designer/Illustrator
Fureigh - Web Creation
Tams - Web help/Curator
Kate Bell - Educational Unit/Curator
Arlene Chico-Lugo - Educational Unit/Curator
Natalie Ingle - Curator
Paige Railey - Curator
Adam McGovern - Curator
Kerri Lindstrom - Curator
Michael Haskell - Copyeditor
Ken Simon - Copyeditor
Jan Webster - Copyeditor
Megan Kingery – Advisor
Derek Warker - Press

Press inquiries -  please email: letterstotherevolution at gmail.com

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