Amy Richards

Dear Hannah, Olivia, Laura, Blaine, Carly and Donna,

I know you all are having a hard time – we all are – and I certainly don't want to erase the reality of the moment, but looking back on my own activism and feminism, I realize that from difficult moments has often come some of my proudest moments.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Dear cultural gatekeepers,

We have a sincere task: speak a creative truth when the truth is creatively abused in unprecedented ways by our country’s unpresidential head of state. When the president stood atop the Capitol steps on Inauguration Day, it was clear that these are not the times to look up for inspiration.

I’m an artist. I don’t look up, I look around, and I question everything …

Can we imagine a citizenship culture based on mutual recognition, mutual respect, and dignity?

How do we weaponize love?

Dorian L. Spence

To "Us",

Physically, I'm very close to the source of it all. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...316 steps. 2.5 city blocks. A 3 minute stroll or a 1 minute shuffle. I can be there quicker if necessary.

So, I'm here. 

I'm here to knuckle up for policy or peaceful protests. I'm here through tear gas, pepper spray, and mass arrests. I'm here to lock arms and "not be moved." And I'm also here...for you, the "us" and "we" who are always the most vulnerable.

Daniella Henry

To the Descendants of Runners,

This letter is for those who like me, know that their reason for being an American is because someone before them ran towards the hope and promise they believed awaited them in the United States. 

In my case, I am the proud granddaughter of a runner. Her running started early, leaving her small, rural coastal Caribbean childhood home in Limón, Costa Rica to the capital of San José. I imagine that at 17, she was running away from strict parents and boredom and running towards excitement and promise in the big city.

Amikaeyla Gaston

Dear Mamas,


Yemaya Asesu, Asesu Yemaya … Yemaya Olodo, Olodo Yemaya …

Mama Yemaya — with all of your fierceness as the goddess of the ocean, we ask you to be gentle in this moment, for the women and children here at your shore praying for safety, for your protection, and for your love and guidance … because


Brooke Berman

Dear Child,

(to my son, and any sons and daughters who might be listening)

A few months ago, during the primary elections, you asked your dad, “If Donald Trump hates women, will he send Mommy away?” Your dad reassured you but later, when you were asleep, I reminded him that while Trump may not send your mommy away, he and his team have threatened to send other people's mommies away.

Penny Arcade

Dear Young Seeker

I am writing my letter to the revolution to you and to you specifically because you are that rare creature, the seeker. You do not really feel comfortable in any group, you do not have an identity made up of 7 adjectives that box you into a group with both the privileges of “Belonging” and the mental suffocation that comes from belonging to a such a “‘group”.


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