Steve Way

Dear disabled community,

Well, the 2016 election sure was unexpected; looking back, nearly everybody got it wrong. The pollsters, pundits, and talking heads did not see any of this coming. The shock can still be felt around the world, throughout the country, and in our community. But is this not a macrocosm for what we experience every day?

People with disabilities are scared for our lives, well-being, and the future, but we all have learned to deal with the unexpected. We all have had injuries from out of nowhere and hospital stays no one could foresee. Every time we are faced with an obstacle like this, we fight and push through it. So, why are we scared now?

We all know we have the collective intelligence, determination, and tools to bring change. We have done it in our individual lives and the world around us. There is absolutely no reason that we cannot do it here and now. With our voice, we can stop anything.

We can not let our fears and sorrow get the better of us because we are better and stronger than that. We must be persistent, consistent, and loud to ensure that no one will take away what we need to survive. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and we are not excluded just because we are disabled.

Call or write your congressional representative and senators and tell them not to cut our lifelines. Organize protests to let your local community know that we are here and will not be treated any differently. Whatever you choose to do, do not let giving up ever be an option. We need one another to get through this, and when one falls, we all fall. No one knows what we go through, so let us tell the entire world that we will never go away.

Much love,

Steve Way